Hi everyone!  First of all, I'd like to thank you for coming to my site.  There are thousands of skincare/beauty blogs out there and the fact that you're here looking at mine is SO COOL!  That being said, I'd like to focus on the fact that there are thousands of skincare blogs and when making this one I had that in mind.  I kept asking myself, "how can I contribute something different to what's already out there?"  What I've found is that while there are tons of these blogs, they are rarely written by anyone with actual skincare experience.  This is what I hope to bring to the metaphorical blogging table, six years of licensed esthetics experience.  

I've worked in salons, high end skincare boutiques and luxury spas.  I've performed hundreds of facials on every skin type imaginable, men and women.  And during this time I've acquired some pretty unique and specific knowledge about holistic skincare, ingredients, formulation and the practical application of these to treat skin disorders.  

While organic skincare is my obsession, education is my passion.  I hope, through this site's blog posts and videos, I can educate viewers on how to treat and care for their skin.  Because there are thousands of products on the market, I've also included a "Favorites List" as a retail cheat sheet for products in every category that I have found to be exceptional.  Hopefully this blog will help demystify your skin concerns and make treating them that much easier.