About the The List...

There are thousands of organic skincare brands out there and even more cleansers, toners, etc. Picking products that are suited to address your specific skin concerns can be daunting.  Harder yet are finding products that actually work.  And even harder still, is finding advice from someone who isn't trying to "sell" you something.  I'm constantly asked by friends, family and clients alike, "what cleanser should I use" or "can you recommend a good anti-aging moisturizer?"  

This is why I made The List.  After trying hundreds of products on myself, and on clients in the treatment room, I've come up with a favorites list - the cheat sheet to finding skincare that's right for you.  Broken down by category and price point, there's something for everyone.  Not only do they smell and feel amazing, they are effective and result driven (because let's face it, smell is just as important as results). Hopefully this blog will help demystify your skin concerns and make treating and shopping for them that much easier.

I've coded each item with three tags; natural or organic, type of brand and price point.  I've included a key below to help you navigate.

List Key:

Organic - certified USDA Organic or each ingredient is specified as such

Natural - free of synthetic chemicals and preservatives, might have some organic ingredients

Mass - more readily available, usually a lower price point, the natural world's "drug store" brands carried at Whole Foods, Lassens or your neighborhood health food store

Luxury - high end skincare marketed toward to boutiques or resort spas

Specialty - this pretty much covers everything that falls between the above two

$ - $0 to $30

$$ - $31 to$60

$$$ - $61 to 150

$$$$ - $151 and up

Just so you know, I am not paid by any of these brands to review and promote their products.  This is simply my personal opinion as a licensed esthetician who has had the privilege to play around with TONS of skincare.  This post does contain some Amazon affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.