Facial Devices

A great way to increase the effectiveness and absorption of your organic skincare is to pair it with facial devices.  There are tons of at-home devices on the market that can give treatment room results in the comfort of your own bathroom.  Here are a list of my favorites.  I personally use all of these and promote their use with clients.  Most at-home facial device companies make their own skincare products as well - but remember, loving a device doesn't mean you have to love their products too.


This is my favorite cleansing device! You can read more on why here.

Made from anti-microbial silicone, it cleanses on one side with 7,000 pulses per minute and 15 settings, making it excellent for ALL skin types. It's petal shape allows you to easily cleanse all your face's nooks and crannies.

Flip it over and use it's ultra sonic oscillation and harder silicon touch points to mimic a gentle micro-needling session that pushes product deep into your skin why stimulating oxygen and nutrient rich blood flow to the surface.

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Clarisonic makes some of my favorite cleansing devices. Their patented oscillating brush heads cleanse 6x more effectively than washing your face with your hands (11x more effectively if you're using the turbo setting on the Pro device) gently removing all the dirt, oil and debris from your skin. With four different devices at varying price points, there's something for everyone.

Mia - This is their most basic model, offering one universal speed. It's a fantastic starter device. ($129)

Mia 2 - This model offers two sonic cleansing speeds, sensitive and universal. This is a great option for someone with sensitive skin. ($169)

Mia Fit - A compact version of the Mia 2, this device is travel friendly and great for someone who's always on the go. ($219)

Smart Profile - This is Clarisonic's professional device offering four speeds, plus a body and a turbo mode, it tracks your usage and tells you when you need to replace your brush head (every three months). It switches to a more delicate setting when cleansing the cheek area and a deeper cleansing setting for the T-zone. Plus, it now comes with the Uplift attachment! This new firming massage head helps to address signs of aging by stimulating the skin and facial muscle while pushing product deep into the skin. Not bad! ($349)

All of these devices come with one or more brush heads, depending on the model. I only recommend using the Cashmere Luxe brush head, especially if you have sensitive skin. Although Clarisonic makes a sensitive brush, I've found the cashmere to be the gentlest while still effectively cleansing. Personally, I get a bit rashy from the other brush heads and have had clients with similar irritations.


This cleansing device is similar to the Clarisonic due to its transdermal sonic pulsations, 8,000 per minute to be exact. But unlike the Clarisonic, the Luna has no brush head to change or irritate your skin. It's made entirely out of nonporous silicone preventing it from accumulating any nasty bacteria, making it (they say) 35x more hygienic than traditional cleansing brushes. It's silicone touch points act as a gentle nonabrasive brush, offering deeper cleansing based on which parts you use. On most of their models, the reverse side of the brush has ridges used for pushing product into the skin during its lower frequency pulsation anti-aging mode (similar to Clarisonic's Uplift attachment).

I love this device because of it's low maintenance hygiene. It lives in my shower, its charge lasts up to 450 uses and it's gentle on my skin.

Foreo too has quite a few model options, a little too many if you ask me, here's the breakdown:

Luna - this original design offers cleansing on one side and anti aging benefits on the other. It comes in combination, sensitive/normal and ultra sensitive skin option. Great for sensitive skin. ($169)

Luna 2 - Just like the original but with 2x the power and a 50% bigger brush head. It comes in combination, normal, oily, sensitive skin or a man option. My Pick! ($199)

Luna Pro - Just like the Luna 2 it has 2x the power but comes with 8 intensity levels allowing you limitless customization, plus 3 color options. Great for use in treatment. ($249)

Luna Go - A tiny version of the Luna 2, not bigger than a cotton round. This is a great travel option! ($99)

Luna Mini - This smaller device offers 3 cleansing zones and lots of color options. Suitable for all skin types. ($99)

Luna Mini 2 - It's the Luna Mini but with 8 intensity modes. ($139)

Luna Play - A tiny non chargeable version with 2 cleansing zones and lots of color option. Non chargeable?!! ($39)

Luna Play Plus - This time they remembered the batteries! All the other devices have a charging cord. Most Cost effective option. ($49)

Luna Luxe - For all you ballers out there. This bad boy has a 18kt gold bottom. ($6,500)

I firmly believe EVERYONE should be using a cleansing device, no matter what your skin type. It's just a way better way to cleanse your skin. Plus both the Foreo and Clarisonic have timed cleansing which insures you're ACTUALLY washing your face not just smearing cleanser around it. Find one that works with your skin type and budget!

Nuface Trinity Facial Trainer Kit with LED Attachment - $425

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this device! It's THE BEST addition to your skincare routine if you're looking for anti-aging results. It's simple to use, but if you need a little guidance check out my three part tutorial on YouTube! Part three is a full face demonstration of how to use the device.

Think of it as a workout for your face. Gentle micro currents actively lift and tone the muscle giving immediate and cumulative results. In addition to these noticeable results, micro current also stimulates the production of ATP, which is cellular food, creating a reserve of cellular energy needed to perform all kinds of healthy skin functions.

It also comes with an LED attachment. If micro current addresses the muscle, LED addresses the skin. Red light LED diminishing wrinkle depth, plumping targeted areas and increasing collagen production.

Also known as a sonic spatchula

$34 (such a steal!)

This device is new to me but I'm absolutely loving it and, at only $34, it's a great addition to anyones skincare routine.

This device has three functions:

1. Peeling Function - This is activated by the (+) button on the device. This setting uses high frequent vibrations to lift off dirt, debris and dead skin (it heats slightly so don't be alarmed if it gets warm). Great for exfoliation and removal of pore buildup! Slowly push the device, prongs toward the skin, across the face.

2. Iontophoresis Function - This is activated by the (-) button on the device. This function helps to push product deep into the skin for better absorption and product efficacy. Slowly drag the device, prongs facing away from you, across the face.

3. Skin Tightening / Pad mode - This function lifts and firms the skin through gentle vibrations. With the device in "Pad" mode, drag the device upward and outward from center of face to hairline, gently lifting as you glide.

Originally created by NASA to help heal astronauts in space, LED technology has now been applied to the esthetics world. LED is a super effective way to treat issues from acne to anti-aging. Lightstim makes the most effective LED devices for home use. Each device offers a different color of light which addresses specific issues. Simply hold the device flush to skin for three minutes per treatment area. It can even be used over serums to increase their absorption!

Lightstim for Acne - $169

Using antimicrobial Blue light technology, this handheld device helps to heal existing acne, prevent future breakouts and reduce redness and inflammation in the skin.

Lightstim for Wrinkles - $249

Red LED light helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin, two things that significantly diminish as we get older. You'll notice plumper skin and reduced wrinkle depth. I love using red LED on my lips for instant plumping!

Maybe the cheapest "device" to add to your skincare routine, at just $8 everyone should be using one of these!

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese medical treatment usually used on the body. It involves scraping the skin with the tool until bruising occurs. Ouch, right?! Used in the traditional way, gua sha can be quite uncomfortable, however, it stimulates tons of blood flow to the skin's surface - which, despite being the body's largest organ, is the last place to receive all of the blood's oxygen and nutrients.

As a facial treatment to pressure is significantly lighter and can even be used to drain lymph (the gentlest touch is necessary for lymph drainage). Check out my Insta Stories to see the stone in action.

These guys are typically made from jade but I love the Rose Quartz option. With injured hands, I find using a tool makes massage so much easier. Wether you're using it for lymphatic drainage or a more vigorous lifting massage, I highly recommend using one of these.

Derma Planing

For Home

Dorco Tinkle Razors - $4

This isn't for everyone. However, I've been loving the results as someone who has always had an excess of peach fuzz on their face.

Derma planing is traditionally done in the treatment room with a medical grade scalpel. An esthetician essentially straight razors your face, removing not only unwanted hair but dead skin and comedones. It's a great exfoliation treatment and really helps to loosen up clogged pores making extractions easier. It also leaves you with the SOFTEST skin!

Also great for anyone who has sensitivity to waxing, especially the lip area.

These little razors are a cheap hack to get similar results at home. Each can be used up to three times as long as you're disinfecting between use.