This week has been.. challenging.  

Just a friendly reminder, there will be an interruption in our normal schedule.  

I'm off to New York for a quick training with my new job.  Then back to LA and off again to Arizona for some family hangs.  I'll try to put up a post for next weekend.  Hopefully I make it that long.  

In the meantime, lets recap all the positive stuff that happened this week!

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Carter & Jane Collaboration!!!

I'm so excited to announce my recent partnership with my favorite Prickly Pear Seed Oil company, Carter and Jane!  That means, all my hopes and dreams really do come true AND, you guys get a new DISCOUNT CODE!  The ladies of Carter and Jane have been so incredibly generous with their offer.  

When you buy a full size 1 oz bottle of The Everything Oil you get a FREE 12 mL travel size bottle (a $58 value)!!  So cool!  Use code ORGANIC.ESTHETICIAN to get yours!

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My Morning Routine + Matcha Recipe with Terrasoul Superfoods

This week I'm doing a bit of a wellness post.  I ended up not posting the SPF video to YouTube last week.  You can expect it this monday.  

My skincare routine is a big part of my morning routine but a lot happens before I head to the bathroom to shower and wash my face in the morning.  It's a routine that's constantly changing. However, a few things seem to be fairly consistent - lemon water first thing out of bed and a matcha about 45 mins after that.  These two things work together from the inside out to start off my skincare routine.

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The Truth About Sunscreen - How it works & What to avoid

I don’t know what July has been like for you but we ‘ve been having a heat wave here in LA.  It’s been crazy hot!  109 one day.  This has mostly turned me into an inside person.  I hide in my apartment with the AC set to 61 degrees.  But I unfortunately have to venture out on occasion and, when I do, I slather myself in SPF.  I’m sure you’re doing the same.  But do you know what exactly it is you’re putting on your skin?  Or even how sunscreen works for that matter?  Get ready to have your mind blown! 

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Updates & News + Lash Lifts

Hi Everyone!

This has been a busy week and it's 5pm on Sunday and I'm only just NOW getting to writing this.  I'm still sick (this cold/cough/life ruiner/flu is still hanging on, thankfully just barely), I did a lash lift training, I did an instagram takeover (so much work!), I started a new job and worked the farmer's market for my boyfriend's business, which leaves little time or energy for blogging and filming videos.  But overall, life is REALLY good and I want to fill you in...  PLUS, this is week twelve of my twelve week challenge!  So let's start there.

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Nuface & Rose Quartz Roller Results in Your 40's - Demo + Before and After

I hope you guys had a great week.  Sadly, I’ve been SO SICK since I’ve been back from vacation.  Thankfully, I had already filmed my demo for this week’s video while up in Northern California.  Last week’s YouTube video was a tutorial on my Mom, who’s in her late 60’s.  This week's video uses the same combination of tools on my sister-in-law, who’s in her mid 40’s.

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NuFace Results on Different Faces

Someone left me a comment on YouTube asking to see a NuFace tutorial on an older face.  You guys are all familiar by now with the micro current results I get on my 32 year old face.  I thought it would be fun to show you the results of a single NuFace session on a 69 year old face!  But something fun and really interesting ended up happening...

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Putting it all together: My Anti-Aging Device Routine - Qyk Sonic Zoe, NuFace Trinity, Kinga Ultrasonic Spatula

Now that you're all familiar with my three favorite facial devices, the Qyk Sonic Zoe, the NuFace Trinity and the Kinga Ultrasonic Spatula, I thought it would be fun to show you how to use them in conjunction with each other.  

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